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Here are a few common questions we hear:

Are you new to milking?
No, not by a long shot. We are a small, family-owned farm that has been around for four plus generations (as far as we know). Our great grandparents, Edward and Philomena Knueven, and grandparents, Leonard and Stella Knueven, were farmers. We were raised in a farming family by our parents, Chuck and Kathy Knueven. With Mom in spirit and Dad by our side, we manage the farm with their same values, fiery passion, love, and fortitude. The industry has changed. We keep on.

What breed are your cows?
Our herd is mostly comprised of Jerseys with a few Guernseys, Holsteins, Brown Swiss, and Holstein-Jersey mix. They all have names… Penny, Monte, and Chompers to name a few (not that we play favorites). Genetically speaking, the milk they produce is a mixture of A1 and A2. We are working toward a herd that will produce A2 milk.

Are your cows grass fed?
From spring until late fall our cows eat from our certified organic pasture. In colder months they are fed a diet of non-GMO hays and silage from our family farmland. 

Do you give your cows antibiotics?
We do not. We believe prevention is our best line of defense. And when that’s not enough, we treat inflammation with vitamins, minerals, and oils.

Do you sell raw milk? (No is the short answer.)
Raw milk, or non-pasteurized milk, is illegal to sell in Ohio. The FDA requires milk to be pasteurized in order to kill potentially harmful microorganisms.

What does it mean to “vat pasteurize”?
”Vat pasteurization” is a pasteurizing process where the milk is gently heated to a low temperature, then held in a vat. This kills the bad bacteria but leaves amino acid chains, enzymes, and other nutrients.

NON-homogenizicification?! WHAT!?
That’s non-homogenization. We do not homogenize our milk, which breaks down the cream into small particles. 

Are you licensed?
Yes, we are licensed in the state of Ohio and meet all the standards as published in the Food and Drug Administration’s Grade A Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO), the nationwide standard.

Do you allow visitors to the farm?
Yes—by appointment. If you’d like to come out for a tour and to meet a few of the gals, give us a holler.

What are your hours at the farm?
Currently, we’re currently by appointment only. E-mail us if you’d like to come by.

What forms of payment to you accept?
We accept check, cash, and major credit cards. Please note: all pre-orders at farmers markets require payment at time of ordering. E-mail us for information.

“How do your girls stand in the A2 protein category?”
This is a really good question and one we are careful to answer. There is no conclusive, factual evidence proving the benefits and disadvantages of non-homogenized and vat pasteurized milk. But we can say with confidence that many of our friends with milk sensitivities enjoy our milk without taking a pill. We suggest sampling a small amount if you think your belly is up for it.

Please let us know if you have any other questions. We will do our best to give you as much information.