Ladies and gentlemen: the lineup.

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Our milk is the most natural form of milk. It’s pasteurized like we find in most stores, but not homogenized (or stirred with high pressure to break down the fat molecules into the rest of the milk). Eliminating this process keeps the butterfat molecules in their natural state and maintains the health benefits and flavor of the milk. Not to mention it leaves a beautiful creamline.

We vat pasteurize, which means the milk is heated to the lowest [legal] temperature for the minimum time allowed. Basically we don’t cook the milk.

For now, there’s no skim, 1%, or 2% with us. It’s all whole milk. Nearly all the fun vitamins and proteins are in the fat so why get rid of them? (You’re welcome.) (The reduction process uses a centrifugal method to split the cream. Most milk is actually separated from the fat, and then vitamins are added back to get just the right amount of fat for the product). 

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flavored Milk

Sometimes we want a little flavor in our lives. We can give you chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla. That’s it. Beware: this stuff contains some serious sugar (so get ready for the crash). Made with organic raw cane sugar. Gluten free.


super-premium Ice cream (now taking orders!)

Super-premium Ice Cream made with our milk and the best, locally-sourced (when possible) ingredients — fruits, organic raw cane sugar, extracts, and more. Seasonal flavors available. Major butterfat deliciousness.


cream and Butter (available 2019)

Coming late 2019, our product line will include cream and traditional churned rolled butter (salted and unsalted).